saab sculptures
A series of works placing the iconic Saab 900 car in different contexts, thus questioning, transforming and pimping public/private space.
Since 2018, the path of Amber Meulenijzer is intertwined with that of a white Saab 900. She has been researching the sculptural qualities of this car in many ways, resulting in different installations and performances. Since 2020, a residency in Brasserie Atlas (Brussels, Belgium) permitted her to develop a sonic chapter in this research. A mobile soundsystem carrying 12 Toa horn-speakers was mounted on the car's roof. The sculpture travels through different landscapes, new soundpieces are made sur mesure in every context. Saab-sculpted voyages, resonating with the acoustics of its surroundings, focusing on the physicality of the sound, interacting with the changing landscape.